The Editor-in-Chief of the website “” Vugar Gurdganly was invited to the Main Organized Crime Department


The Editor-in-Chief of the website “” Vugar Gurdganly posted a information on his Facebook account. He said that the person who presented him as an employee of the Main Organized Crime Department (MOCD) invited him to the office.

“Yesterday at 16:45 there was ring from the number 0502119335 to the number which I use 0552669250. The speaking person interoduced himself as the member of the #Azerbaijan Ministry of Internal Affairs Main Organized Crime Department and he said that his name is Haydar. He said that I was invited to the office.

As I reguired the official invitation he said that this was called by telephon and he avoid to say cause I was called. I say that if there is not any official invitation I`ll not come.

He took my adress and said that I will be sent an official invitation. I want to remind that I got threat messages after the published material about “Meyvali” market businness between Ramil #Usubov and Vilayet Eyvazov who were exposed.

This information (which belongs to ““) was published on the web site I didn`t suppose that this information would be exaggerated by generals… I am waiting for the official invitation if there is any chance. Iam ready to give defoiled information.

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