​Germany to deport Azerbaijani family – victim of migrant smuggling


Germany is reviewing the case of the Azerbaijanis, victims of migrant smuggling, who received refugee status submitting forged documents.

The first court hearing was held in the Regional Court of Bonn upon the lawsuit filed by the German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF), Report’s local bureau says.

The BAMF claimed that the evidence provided in the asylum application doesn’t reflect the truth. The court revealed that they have not been members of any political party in Azerbaijan and subjected to pressure or persecution before traveling to Germany.

Upon arriving in Germany, they received false documents on alleged harassment and persecution in exchange for money from an Azerbaijani citizen who is currently detained on a ‘migrant smuggling’ charge.

The court revoked the refugee status of the Azerbaijani family who sought asylum in Germany since 2015, decided to expel from the country.

As the country postponed deportation procedures due to the coronavirus pandemic, the deportation of the Azerbaijani family was delayed indefinitely.

In November 2019, members of a criminal gang engaged in migrant smuggling were detained in six German provinces. There were also Azerbaijani citizens among them. The trial on the case is ongoing. 


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