OCAR Turkey: STAR increased Petkim’s production during pandemic


Petkim Complex, which is mainly owned by SOCAR, continues production thanks to working in an integrated form with STAR Refinery, while many producers are facing problems in the supply of crude due to the coronavirus, Report informs referring to SOCAR Turkey Energy, a subsidiary of SOCAR in Turkey.

According to the company, Petkim receives naphta, which is used as crude and was being exported previously, from STAR, and continues contributing to production for medical supplies.

Petkim Director-General Anar Mammadov said that one of the purposes of the construction of the STAR Refinery was to meet Petkim’s need for raw materials: “Coronavirus caused problems in some sectors, many producers faced difficulties from lack of crude. STAR Refinery, which was built near Petkim, the first integrated petrochemical complex of Turkey, creates an integration. Were it not for the STAR Refinery, we would face problems in the import of naphta because of the difficulties in the international supply chain. STAR benefited Petkim, and ensured the continuation of production in many sectors.”

Mammadov also noted that the production plan was updated according to the demand due to the coronavirus at STAR Refinery, which meets 25% of Turkey’s demand for oil products with the annual processing capacity of 10 million tonnes of crude: “We continue production in order to prevent the shortage in supply chain in oil products that Turkey needs. As the demand for aircraft fuel sharply declined during this period, we changed it to diesel production. After coronavirus, we’ll resume production of aircraft fuel.”

Turkey imports 40% of diesel fuel. With the production of 4.8 million tonnes of diesel in a year, the STAR Refinery meets 20% of Turkey’s need for this fuel. 


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