MP: Public transport successfully operates during quarantine period

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The subway has suspended work due to the high risk of coronavirus transmission. On this point, the major part of the work squarely on the shoulders of land transport, which is the only means of public transport during the quarantine period. The Baku Transport Agency (BTA) organizes special express buses between metro stations to ensure traffic intensity. In parallel, regular routes continue to operate.

Report says MP Nasib Mahamaliyev estimates general activity of public transportation during the pandemic as follows:

“During the quarantine period, all the spheres of government work diligently through joint efforts. It is quite a difficult task to regulate traffic in a big city like Baku, without the operation of the subway. BNA can cope with this difficulty. During this period, even in the most critical situations, we did not observe agitation in Baku. There is a high probability of contracting the coronavirus in public transport. Disinfection works in buses, and keeping social distance protection is important. Despite all the challenges, the agency structures its activities at a high level.”


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