Russian FM spokesperson to debate opposition leader Navalny


A spokesperson for Russia’s Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova has challenged opposition politician Alexey Navalny to debate, and he has accepted.

“Comrade Navalny, have you run out of oligarchs? Well, what do you say? Are you ready, Mr. Navalny, for a discussion? Not in the courts, where you can hide behind verbiage and attorneys. What about online?” Zakharova wrote on Facebook.

“Dear Maria Zakharova, you seem to confuse me with your leaders in United Russia. They, especially Putin, have been avoiding debates for years. Normally, I wouldn’t react to you since you are a servant of information. You are embarrassing both our country and the Foreign Ministry. Therefore, it is easy and pleasant for me to tell the truth whether tomorrow or on Zoom channel, on your Instagram, on my Instagram, with or without a presenter,” the opposition leader responded to the Foreign Ministry spokesperson on Facebook.

The debate will take place today at 06:00 local time on the Navalny Live Youtube channel.


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