Another Azerbaijani tested positive for coronavirus in Germany


A 34-year-old Azerbaijani citizen living in a refugee camp in Germany has contracted COVID-19.

European Bureau of Report says, citing Duesseldorf City Health Department, six of the coronavirus tests taken in the dormitory were positive.

After that, the area was quarantined, and those infected with coronavirus transferred to nearby hospitals. Our compatriots staying in the dormitory told Report that one of the people, who tested positive for coronavirus, is a citizen of Azerbaijan. Our 34-year-old compatriot came to Germany in 2019 and asked for asylum in this country. In the same year, the Federal Office for Migration and Refugee Affairs of Germany (IEPF) rejected his request for asylum. It appealed to the Dusseldorf City Administrative Court for deportation.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic that swept Europe, Germany postponed his evacuation from the country indefinitely.


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