​First Vice-President addresses nation on coronavirus outbreak


First Vice President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mehriban Aliyeva has once again addressed the nation in connection with coronavirus infection.

“Assessing the path traveled, we can already say today that there was too little information at the very beginning of this massive viral attack to evaluate and understand its real extent, the degree of its danger, and its possible consequences. One thing was obvious – it was necessary to consolidate all resources and take decisive measures. It is possible to say with full confidence that our country has coped with this task with dignity. According to both local and foreign experts, Azerbaijan is among the states that survived the first and very dangerous stage of the epidemic with the least losses. We have managed to achieve the main thing – stop the uncontrolled spread of the virus, create a professional team that coordinates all aspects of the fight against the epidemic, and consolidate the necessary technical and human resources. Tight quarantine measures have helped to reduce the spread of coronavirus. In the shortest possible time, the healthcare system has built up an effective strategy for countering the dangerous epidemic. Urgent tasks were addressed by people working in life support systems of cities and villages. To support small and medium-sized businesses and provide social assistance to the population, the state has developed and is implementing packages worth more than 3 billion manats,” said the First Vice-President.

“Thanks to the undoubted positive results, we can afford some relaxation of the isolation regime. The activity of several state bodies and private businesses is being restored. Some quarantine measures introduced earlier are being removed. Does this mean that the worst is over and we can return to our usual lives? Alas, this time has not arrived yet. Yes, we have won the first battle, but the war with the pandemic is still ongoing – in our country and around the world. The virus, which has brought so much misery and suffering to all countries and peoples, is still not defeated. It continues to pose a serious threat to all. It is still among us. Today, no-one can say for sure when the vaccine for COVID-19 will be created and when there will be a quick and effective way to treat it. Until this happens, it is necessary to understand and accept that we have to live with this new reality. Under no circumstances should we lose our vigilance. Against the backdrop of encouraging figures, we cannot afford to be light-minded. It is unacceptable to nullify and lose all the results that we managed to achieve with such difficulty. Carelessness will create a real threat to each of us, our loved ones, our country. We all need to learn to live by the new rules. In fact, these rules are not so complicated – to keep a distance, use protective equipment, wash hands more often. On the other side of the scale, there is life and health. This is a new implacable reality, and everyone has to reckon with it – from the president to ordinary citizens,” Mrs. Aliyeva stressed.

The First Vice-President also expressed her gratitude to medical workers – doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, laboratory assistants, technical staff of hospitals and clinics, to all those who continue to struggle for the life and health of our people around the clock.


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