Pakistan to ease lockdown from Saturday


Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday said that the government has decided to ease the lockdown in the country considering the impact it has had on the economy.

He was speaking after the meeting of the National Coordination Committee (NCC), which is the apex coronavirus decision-making body comprising top civil and military leaders, including the provincial chief executives.

“We have decided to open the country in a phased manner from Saturday, and it is now the responsibility of the masses to follow the rules; otherwise, we would be forced to reverse the decision.”

They consult with doctors and experts and then take the decision, said the premier.

“We are still not sure when will the coronavirus peak comes, in one or two months, but we have to open our industries as the daily wage earners and laborers are suffering due to the lockdown and closure of businesses.”

Pakistan’s situation is better as compared to other European and wealthy nations, he said.

The premier noted that the tax collection had already gone down by 35%.

According to him, the government has announced the relief package of Rs 1.2 trillion, which is the “biggest in Pakistan’s history.”

We have to strike a balance in curbing the virus and fighting the hunger in the country, he added.


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