Report’s chief editor gave online lecture to Ukrainian students


Chief editor of the “Report News Agency” Murad Aliyev held online talks on Azerbaijani journalism and the media sphere for students of the journalism faculties of V.I.Vernadsky Taurida National University, Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University, as well as students of the information and creative Agency “UN-PRES”. Report says teachers of the Department of journalism and new media Anzhelika Dosenko and Olga Bykova organized the online talks.

During the discussion, the chief editor of “Report” shared the Agency’s experience in preparing materials, covering events, and also spoke about the training for young journalists. Then, Aliyev answered the questions of future journalists. He said the media outlets of Azerbaijan and Ukraine have recently increased the role of the exchange of information and experience.

Moreover, Murad Aliyev held an online lecture for students of the exemplary team of the “Young journalist” circle of the Poltava regional center for aesthetic education. The conference was organized by the head of the center Irina Sinyavskaya.


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