​COVID-19: Azerbaijan confirms 143 new cases, 44 recoveries


A total of 143 people have been diagnosed with the novel coronavirus, while 44 others recovered in Azerbaijan as of May 9, Ramin Bayramli, Chairman of TABIB Board, told a briefing of the Task Force under the Cabinet of Ministers.

Three patients aged 78, 76, and 64 who tested positive for the virus, died.

So far, Azerbaijan has 2,422 confirmed cases, 1,620 recoveries, and 31 deaths.

The treatment of 771 people (29 are in critical, 41 moderate, others in stable condition) is underway.

A total of 188,950 coronavirus tests have been conducted across the country.

Azerbaijan confirmed its first coronavirus case in February. The country has extended the nationwide quarantine until May 31. However, the government eased the restrictions on some fields, opening shoes, clothing, electronics and home appliances stores, and many others, except those in shopping centers and malls.

Analyzing the global situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, Azerbaijan extended the ongoing border closure as well until May 31 to curb the spread of the coronavirus.


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