Iceland plans to reopen borders in June


As European lockdowns ease across the continent, and borders reopen, tourism is set to rise from the COVID-19 ashes in time for summer holiday travel.

Many countries are determined to put tourism back on the map for summer and are easing two-month-long travel restrictions on fellow Europeans. Some are pushing ahead on bilateral agreements with neighbors for land borders to reopen in May and June with a view to summer holidays.

The Icelandic authorities plan to open the country for tourists in a month, Report says, citing Forbes.

There are only 15 detected cases of coronavirus infection in Iceland, with no positive cases in the past five days. The country has a current testing regime for citizens.

According to Spanish Prime Minister Katrín Jakobsdóttir, the country will open its borders to foreign tourists no later than June 15.

Moreover, travelers will not need to sit in a two-week quarantine. Instead, they pass a test, the results of which release on the same day.

The Prime Minister noted that the main problem for tourists would be the road since many airlines have stopped flights and plan to resume no earlier than July.


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