Armenian film about the conflict is another misleading attempt


Chairman of the Center of Analysis of International Relations Farid Shafiyev has commented on the movie “Parts of a Circle” about the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict, Report says, citing the Center.

The film “Parts of a Circle” shot by the organization “Conciliation Resources,” is another misleading attempt to equate Azerbaijan with the occupying Armenia under the guise of maintaining balance. The film avoids the nationalist and expansionist “Greater Armenia” project, one of the essential elements of the conflict. The legal framework of the conflict is deliberately ignored. Otherwise, it can destroy the stories created by Armenia.

“As long as the international community and experts seek “neutrality “in this issue, which requires principled position and do not consider their radically wrong approaches to the Armenian-Azerbaijani and other ethnic and territorial conflicts, it will be challenging to achieve peace. Generally, some Western experts have always demonstrated a double standard on conflicts in the Soviet space. The unequivocal stance on territorial integrity against Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine sometimes disappears when it comes to the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict. Such an approach has alienated Azerbaijani society from the West and put it in the hands of radical politicians.”


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