If any footballer catches coronavirus, we’ll know: Dr. Khomenko


“As far as I know, all clubs in the Premier League are having talks with various clinics to test their team members for the coronavirus.”

Vyacheslav Khomenko, a doctor of the Azerbaijani national football, told Report.

The Ukrainian expert said the clubs have already started the relevant process: “The test will cover team members – players and coaches. However, if any club wants to check other employees, it is within their competence.”

Khomenko said he hoped the teams would not face an infection case. “But, of course, if there is an infection, we will be informed through the appropriate club or hospital,” he said.

According to the doctor, he will not directly participate in the testing process: “AFFA has recommended clubs to test on the eve of the championship. However, the association is not involved in the process anyway. AFFA will directly attend the organizational process of testing referees.”

Notably, the Azerbaijani Premier League was suspended due to a coronavirus pandemic on March 13.


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