​Mass disinfections in Baku to combat coronavirus

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The government continues preventive measures to expand further the fight against the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

For the third time, Baku City Executive Power has started mass disinfections in more than 300 main streets and avenues of the capital as part of these measures.

The disinfection work also covers the streets of settlements and residential areas of the city, Report says.

The staff and vehicles of the Interior Ministry have also been involved in the ongoing work.

More than 2,000 public utility personnel do sterilization of sidewalks, roadsides, guardrails, and parks and squares, in front of facilities.

So far, 2,980 people have been diagnosed with the novel coronavirus, while 1,886 others recovered in Azerbaijan. The country’s death toll stands at 36. Baku accounts for 47% of Azerbaijan’s overall cases.

Considering the country’s sanitary and epidemiological situation related to the pandemic, the total number of infected people, and the dynamics of recoveries, the Azerbaijani government eased some restrictions, abolishing the SMS permission system to leave home, allowing on-site service in public catering facilities, and so on. 


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