​Pashinyan accused of illegal diamond trade


Mikayel Minasyan, the former Armenian ambassador to the Vatican, the son-in-law of former Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan, has accused Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan of creating of the mafia-type system and engaging in the illegal diamond trade.

In his video appeal, Minasyan stressed that Pashinyan has been deceiving the people for two years, Report says citing Sputnik Armenia. “However, people gradually realize that Pashinyan’s statements are false.”

“The people are tired of taking part in Pashinyan’s ‘shows.’ Pashinyan postponed the referendum on constitutional amendments, as he realized that he would lose it. This time, coronavirus, which he, first, mocked, came to his aid. He introduced the state of emergency, which allowed him to avoid failure,” Minasyan said.

The former ambassador also accused Pashinyan of the illicit trade of diamonds.

“Diamonds are smuggled from India and delivered to two or three well-known factories, where they are documented as Armenian products, and then exported abroad without any customs payments.”

According to him, the proof is that in the first quarter of 2020, Armenia exported diamonds worth 40 million dollars.

“An average of 1,400 professionals are needed to process this amount. However, less than 400 jewelers are registered in Armenia. In other words, the specialists in Armenia are physically unable to process such a quantity of jewelry.”


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