​Trump intends to oust State Department inspector general


President Donald Trump has removed State Department Inspector General Steve Linick- the latest in a series of moves against independent government watchdogs in recent months, Report says, citing Politico.

Trump informed the speaker of the House of representatives of Congress Nancy Pelosi in a letter of his intent to fire Linick, a Justice Department veteran appointed to the role in 2013 by then-President Barack Obama.

The president said he “no longer” had the “fullest confidence” in Linick and promised to send the Senate a nominee “who has my confidence and who meets the appropriate qualifications.” The executive branch is required to notify Congress 30 days ahead of time if it intends to remove an inspector general.

A Democratic congressional aide said Linick had launched an investigation into Pompeo’s alleged misuse of a political appointee to perform personal tasks for him and Mrs. Pompeo. The State Department did not respond to an inquiry about the allegation. 


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