​Typhoon Ambo kills 4 in the Philippines


Typhoon Ambo, which hit the Philippines, killed four people and injured 25 others, Report says, citing ABS-CBN.

Typhoon Ambo on Thursday hit the Eastern Samar in San Policarpo, bringing heavy rains and wind gusts reaching 40-50 meters per second. Later, the Typhoon reached the province of Northern Samar, and on Friday night, it hit the Bicol region, located in the southern part of the island of Luzon. The Philippine News Agency PNA reported that authorities evacuated more than 300,000 people in Bicol due to the Typhoon.

In Quezon, according to the head of the province, Danilo Suarez, strong winds damaged power lines, leaving 30 cities without electricity.

According to local meteorologists, the Typhoon is weakening and should leave the Philippines by Monday.


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