​Four Azerbaijanis test positive for coronavirus in Germany


As many as 116 migrants, including four Azerbaijani citizens living in a refugee camp in Germany, were diagnosed with the novel coronavirus.

Report’s local bureau informs, refugees in a dormitory in Sankt Augustin town in Germany’s North Rhine-Westphalia, which accommodates about 500 asylum seekers, tested for coronavirus.

Germany reported a decline in the number of active cases. Thus, confirmed COVID-19 cases in Germany have increased by 177 in the last 24 hours (583 yesterday), and 14 patients have passed away (33 yesterday), the Robert Koch Institute, a part of the country’s Health Ministry, said on Monday.

A total of 174,697 coronavirus cases reported in Germany since the beginning of the epidemic. 7,935 people lost their lives, and over 154,600 recovered.

Germany introduced lockdown in mid-March and has been easing restrictions since late April. At the same time, the country extended social distancing until June 5 to preserve the progress made during the first phase of lockdown easing.


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