Azerbaijan pays bonuses to doctors fighting coronavirus


Under the relevant presidential order and decision of the Cabinet of Ministers, the State Agency on Mandatory Health Insurance has paid overtime to 21,462 healthcare personnel, and 2,372 non-medical workers taking part in measures to combat the novel coronavirus in proportion to their working hours for March.

A total of 11.7 million AZN were paid to medical and non-medical workers in 145 state medical institutions in Baku and 118 in other cities and regions of the country; the Agency told Report.

Azerbaijan recorded a total of 3,387 coronavirus cases so far.

The country imposed a month-long lockdown on March 24 and extended it until May 31.

The government allowed cafes and restaurants to reopen in the capital Baku and other big cities on Monday, but with limited working hours and the number of customers. The SMS-controlled system of going out lifted, as will a ban on those over 65 leaving their homes.


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