​National parks may reopen in Azerbaijan


“We can open the national parks in the country after May 31, if the mitigation measures related to the quarantine regime are underway, “head of the State Environmental Protection Service Hikmat Alizade said at a briefing of Task Force under the Cabinet of Ministers.

He said today the parks are closed under the current decision.

Notably, Azerbaijan remains one of the relatively less-affected countries by the rapidly spreading coronavirus (COVID-19) disease. The country’s official institutions are applying necessary measures to reduce exposure to and transmit the novel coronavirus. The Azerbaijani Government has extended and further tightened the quarantine measures until April 20 2020, to combat the coronavirus pandemic. All public events, including cultural and sporting events, are either canceled or postponed. The state temporarily suspended underground public transportation, regular passenger flights, and rail transportation. People are encouraged to practice social distancing, stay at home, and not to leave their homes only in case of emergency. The government has announced a financial aid package for individuals and businesses, particularly those profoundly affected.


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