​Armenians start smear campaign against Israeli ambassador to Azerbaij

© Report/Elchin Murad

The Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) has started a smear campaign against Israeli ambassador to Azerbaijan George Deek.

Report informs that the ANCA posted provocative information about the ambassador on its twitter account.

The ANCA members, activists of Armenian Lobby in Armenia, and their supporters insult the ambassador by commenting on the post.

The smear campaign was caused by George Deek’s tweet about Azerbaijani ambassador to the US and Azerbaijan. He wrote: “My friend Amb


deserves credit for the Israeli-Azerbaijani close relations. His unwavering belief in our friendship is heart-warming. A friendship rooted in a shared belief in tolerance, and utter rejection of hate and antisemitism. No wonder Israelis love to visit Az.”

This status caused the anger of American Armenians. ANCA posted a status on its twitter: “Amb. George Deek, a Christian Arab serving as Israeli envoy to Azerbaijan, praises Baku’s “utter rejection of hate,” ignoring a century+ of Azerbaijani racism, intolerance, violence & war against his fellow Christians in Artsakh and Armenia.”

However, some criticized the ANCA’s status. A specialist on International relations, American Irina Tsukerman, wrote: “So all Christians are supposed to be following Armenia’s propaganda and official policy? And I suppose he is supposed to ignore Armenia’s record on antisemitism and racism and ethnic cleansing? By the way, why do you tolerate anti-Israel fanatics commenting on your thread?” 


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