Azerbaijan is a strategic partner of US: Samad Seyidov


Azerbaijan-US relations are growing in light of recent events. The decision of particular companies that protect their economic interests cannot be associated with political preferences or relationships between the two states.

Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Relations and Inter-Parliamentary Relations of the Milli Majlis Samad Seyidov said to Report, commenting on the relations between Baku and Washington and their significance in the development of the entire region.

“A vivid example of this is the recent letter from US President Trump to the President of Azerbaijan in connection with Republic Day. Besides, the US was one of the first to recognize the independence of Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan was the first to open all its logistic capabilities to fight terrorism after the September 11 attacks,” the deputy noted.

“Our relationship with the US built on national interests of both Azerbaijan and US. On fundamental issues, US supports Azerbaijan – this is both territorial integrity and the format of the negotiations on the Karabakh conflict that we are conducting with Armenia, these are our industrial projects, in particular, support by the United States of the mega-projects that Azerbaijan implements in Europe. For instance, assistance regarding the implementation of TAP and TANAP. It is essential; we have repeatedly talked about this. Moreover, fight against terrorism, as well as the coronavirus pandemic. And it is no coincidence that the Azerbaijan-USA inter-parliamentary group of friendship is one of the largest in the parliament of Azerbaijan,”

At the same time, he notes, several issues need to be individually discussed: “Attitude to development pace of elements of civil society, respect for the traditions and features coming from our geopolitical culture. We maintain excellent relations with the United States, which does not prevent us from establishing good relationships with our closest neighbors, with the Central Asian countries, Russia, Iran, and Turkey. We generally have excellent relations, although the three countries listed above have their problems with the USA. But it is normal. The US and other large states respect Azerbaijan’s position. For example, negotiations between the NATO generals and the US and Russian military are held in Baku to show the trust and respect of global powers. “

S. Seyidov emphasized that Azerbaijan is a strategic and vital partner of the US in the region.

“Since policies pursued by the government have turned Azerbaijan into a key element of the region’s geopolitics. Without Azerbaijan, its connecting elements, and its political will, it isn’t easy to talk about any cooperation with the region’s countries. Today, from this point of view, Azerbaijan is a precious and strategically important country both for the closest circle and for the United States, as a key and global player”, – concluded S. Seyidov.


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