Greece to attract tourists with discounts


To stimulate domestic and foreign tourism, the government decided to lower the prices of many goods and services demanded by vacationers such as flights between the islands, ferry crossings and bus flights, tickets to amusement parks, boat trips. Another offer is discounts on tourist catering, coffee, and soft drinks. For such enterprises, the authorities reduced the tax rate from 24 to 13 percent. The tourist season opens in the country on June 15. On this day, seasonal hotels will begin to work. From July 1, vacationers from abroad are expected to arrive, said Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis. Local media, citing their sources, write that vacationers from Australia, Cyprus, Israel, China, Japan, Denmark, Austria, and neighboring Balkan states will be the first to enter the country. They do not have to move to a stateside quarantine facility; it will be enough to pass a coronavirus test.


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