​Oleg Kuznetsov: “The closest ally of Russia is Azerbaijan “


“A high-level integration has been established between Russia and Azerbaijan, peoples of the two countries. It is an objective truth that Azerbaijan is the closest ally of Russia,” Russian politician Oleg Kuznetsov said at an online conference on “Anniversary of the Azerbaijani statehood: achievements, problems, cooperation with the Russian Federation,” Report informs.

“Leaning on long traditions of intellectual financial and commodity exchanges connects our countries far more closely than any political interests. Our peoples have unbreakable ties as a consequence of two-hundred-year joint history, and it’s impossible to break it,” he said.

The politician also drew attention to the alliance of Azerbaijan and Russia against those glorifying Nazism: “Both peoples accept this case negatively. Besides Nazism, Russia also pursues a purposeful policy against Armenians’ aggressive activity, which based on Nazism. Recently, police have conducted a special operation after the memorial plaque commemorating the Armenian fascist executioner Garegin Nzhdeh has been dismantled in the city of Armavir and more than 15 Armenians extremists have been deported from Russian territory.”

The expert said his book entitled “Glorification of Nazism in Armenia is a state policy” was published in Russian and English in Kazakhstan last week, and he intends to distribute it in Russia. 


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