​SOCAR makes video clip on occasion of Republic Day


The State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR) has made a video on the occasion of May 28 – Republic Day.

The video reads the Declaration of Independence adopted by the Azerbaijan National Congress on May 28, 1918, with the background music “National march” by Uzeyir Hajibeyli:

1.Starting from now on, Azerbaijan embracing the area of the South-Western Transcaucasia shall exist as an independent state.

2. The Democratic Republic should constitute the form of government in independent Azerbaijan.

3. The Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan intends to establish friendly relationships with all nations, particularly the neighboring nations and states.

4. The Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan guarantees civil rights to all the citizens residing within its borders irrespective of nationality, religious confession, class affiliation, estate, and gender.

5. The Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan creates broad possibilities for independent development to all ethnic groups residing within its territory.

6. Unless the Constituent Assembly is convened, Azerbaijan shall be governed by the National Council elected by the people and the Provisional Government answerable to the National Council.

Hasan bey Aghayev, Fatali khan Khoyski, Nasib bay Yusifbayli, Jamo bey Hajinski, Shafi bey Rustambayli, Nariman bey Narimanbeyov, Javad Malik-Yeganov, Mustafa Mahmudov signed the Declaration.

On May 28, Azerbaijan celebrates the Republic Day.

The 1917 Russian Revolution put an end to the rule of the Romanovs and saw the collapse of the Russian Empire. Shortly after that, on May 28, 1918, patriotic leaders in Azerbaijan founded the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan.

The Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan was the first democratic republic in the East. It was a parliamentary state, had a flag, an anthem, and an army.

The Republic Day is celebrated as a state holiday on May 28 since 1990.


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