​Georgia congratulates Azerbaijan on Republic Day


Georgia Foreign Minister David Zalkaliani has extended congratulations to the people of Azerbaijan on the occasion of the Republic Day.

“Very warm congratulations on the Republic Day of Azerbaijan! Wishing success and wellbeing to our neighbor and strategic partner and happiness to Azerbaijani friends!” the Georgian FM posted on his Twitter account.

Today, Azerbaijan is celebrating Republic Day.

One hundred two years have passed since the establishment of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, the first democratic secular state in the Muslim East on May 28, 1918.

The Azerbaijan government has been celebrating Republican Day as a national holiday since 1990.

On May 28, 1918, the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (1918-1920) – the first secular democratic state was founded in the Muslim East. It is the first experience of the Azerbaijani statehood in the historical memory of Azerbaijanis.

The independent Azerbaijan Republic has achieved great successes and victories during its short life. Among the critical accomplishments of the ADR was the extension of suffrage to women, making Azerbaijan one of the first countries in the world, and the very first majority-Muslim nation, to grant women equal political rights with men.


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