​Azerbaijan Premier League to resume in June


On the initiative of the Association of Football Federations of Azerbaijan (AFFA), the Clubs Committee hold a videoconference today to mull the possible resumption of Azerbaijan Premier League matches and training drills, Report says.

AFFA Executive Vice President Elkhan Mammadov, Professional Football League (PFL) President Ramin Musayev, Premier League club officials, and AFFA Chief Physician Vyacheslav Khomenko attended the meeting.

Following the discussions, the officials agreed as follows:

1. Premier League clubs will resume training drills on June 1, matches of the Premier League, and Azerbaijan Cup on June 21.

2. Before the resumption of the events, the players and coaches will get tested for COVID-19.

3. The PFL will prepare the schedule of Premier League and Cup games and send it to the clubs in the coming days.

4. In the case of no COVID-19 cases among footballers or coaches, AFFA will act under the proper instructions after negotiations with the relevant government agencies.

5. The PFL and clubs will mull the addition of relevant clauses to existing contracts between clubs and players related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

A few days ago, the Task Force under the Cabinet of Ministers allowed outdoor sports events from May 31.


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