WHO: COVID-19 may resurge again


“The second wave is not inevitable. However, several countries are removing restrictions. There is a clear threat of COVID-19 resurgence. If we cannot stop these bursts, the second wave may come. And it can be very destructive,” Report quotes, Hans Kluge, Director of WHO Regional Office for Europe, as saying.

“We should remember that our situation is no better today than it was at the beginning of the year. We still don’t have a vaccine or treatment for COVID-19.”

He stressed that “this virus will remain with us for a long time – at least until a safe vaccine or treatment method is available.”

“At present, we cannot give a specific date for the development of the vaccine. Tremendous efforts are made to develop COVID-19 vaccine. Prominent scientists and the best research and pharmaceutical companies from all over the world are involved in this work.

While we are waiting for the vaccine, however, work is underway on a method of treating patients.

I urge all countries to take full account of their current epidemiological situation, monitor it regularly, and gradually adjust their measures.

“As always, WHO is ready to provide necessary support to countries.”


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