​Georgian opposition condemns government over Keshikchidag issue


The Georgian government is responsible for the prevention of provocations on the “Keshikchidag” issue and aggravation of the situation, an MP from the opposite European Georgian Party Sergi Kapanadze said.

According to him, the issue should be solved through negotiations, not provocations: “In recent years, the problem deteriorated as a result of the government’s statements and wrong steps. We have to pay attention to the solution of this issue through the negotiations with Azerbaijan.”

Another opposite MP, head of United National Movement Party Roman Gotsiridze, thinks that the situation regarding “Keshikchidag” become more complicated than a year ago: “That was caused by irresponsible acts and statements by the Georgian President. President and the government must bear responsibility for the existing situation.”

The MP noted that the Azerbaijani side is acting restrainedly: “The issue should be solved objectively, and the two states must reach an agreement about the controversial parts.”


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