​Azerbaijan-based investment companies ranking for turnover in January


Baku Stock Exchange has announced the ranking of its members for their turnover in January-May 2020.

Report informs that Pasha Capital heads the ranking with the brokerage services of AZN 3,730,424,496.

Pasha Capital is followed by AzFinance with AZN 718,977,821, Unicapital CJSC with AZN 320,756,046, BTB Capital CJSC with AZN 220,708,727, Xalg Capital CJSC with AZN 206,348,314, Invest-AZ with AZN 137,987,585, and PSG Capital with AZN 53,423,677.

Investment companies Sum of deals, AZN
1 Pasha Capital 3,730,424,496
2 AzFinance 718,977,821
3 Unicapital 320,756,046
4 BTB Capital 220,708,727
5 Xalg Capital 206,348,314
6 Invest-Az 137,987,585
7 PSG Capital 53,423,677
8 Plato Capital and Co.


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