Azerbaijani “doctors” and their terrible coronavirus “arguments”


As the coronavirus pandemic darkened the doors of the several countries, the number of “doctors” in Azerbaijan increased, and millions of Azerbaijanis were suddenly inspired as “doctor” and began to behave like true successors of Hippocrates. But who are these so-called “doctors” in reality, how they “participate” in the fight against coronavirus, what are the “treatment” methods?

It’s effortless: They spread all over the country and “prove” that there is no coronavirus. In this case, there is no need for any medical education or scientific knowledge. Even the statistics published by the World Health Organization, the figures released daily by the most democratic and transparent countries in the world on the number of infected and dead, the pleas of doctors fighting the pandemic, the passionate speech of people recovered from the illness do not work for the “arguments” of our “doctors.”

Such “healers” can be seen everywhere in the country who ask questions beginning with “How it can be” and try to give peculiar answers. In such a way, they “prove” nonexistence of the virus.

Now, almost everyone starts a conversation about the coronavirus, “I don’t believe it.” Of course, there are deep roots and serious reasons for such mistrust against the background of propaganda, appeals, and information.

Those people do not understand what is happening in the country, thus endangering themselves and the whole country.

There is high confidence in the “material” side of the coronavirus in our country. What is this? Many people say that when their distant relative died, doctors came and offered 3-5 thousand AZN to write that the deceased died with coronavirus, but his relatives refused. Rumors are continuing regarding such cases. Oddly enough, so far no one has agreed, no one has taken the money.

It is natural to resort to rumor when calming crowds and to control the course of events during the crisis. Preventing social tensions and countering the spread of misinformation is essential. Such tales about the coronavirus in Azerbaijan began to damage the country. It is very crucial to stop such whispering.

Most Azerbaijanis consider the coronavirus a political game, a US-China confrontation, and a lie fabricated to redistribute the world. It is strange that our compatriots, who have not interested in politics for many years, turned the pandemic that has ravaged the world, infected millions, and killed hundreds of people into a political arena. Indeed, health is not separate from politics, but the pandemic is not politics. It is a painful reality that kills people.

Why do we need to politicize wearing a mask? Who we deceive by using them on the chin, not the mouth and nose? Those who bring a thousand excuses for not using a seat belt in a car now do the same thing with a medical mask.

Now the most dangerous part of the topic is that it’s no use crying over spilled milk. We have empty beds, artificial respirators, and many doctors to care for patients in hospitals. However, such mistrust can lead to a terrible situation.


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