​Empty streets of Lankaran-PHOTOREPORT – Report.az


Traffic was banned on the streets and avenues of Lankaran when strict quarantine regime came into force in major regions and cities of Azerbaijan.

Southern Bureau of Report says that since this night, police officers and service members of the Internal Troops are serving in post-established city centers and villages.

As shown in the photos, Lankaran authorities strictly control the implementation of the requirements arising from the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers. According to the rules, people stay in their homes and do not go out. All trade, service, and other catering facilities, public and private enterprises, are closed.

At present, the streets of Lankaran are empty. Police officers and service members of the Internal Troops monitor the implementation of quarantine rules in rural areas and neighborhoods. Despite the warnings, some people violate quarantine rules, and legal measures are taken in this regard.


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