​List of services authorized to operate during strict quarantine

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Azerbaijani Prime Minister has approved the list of services that are allowed to operate during the strict quarantine regime.

1. Health and social sector:

1.1. Scientific research and laboratory services;

1.2. Hospitals, polyclinics, and other medical institutions;

1.3. Veterinary services;

1.4. Production of medical equipment, medicines, and medical devices;

1.5. Social services;

1.6. Nursing for persons with permanent physical disabilities, mental or emotional disorders, as well as those in need of special care.

2. Infrastructure:

2.1. Utilities (sewerage and water supply, gas supply, heating, energy distribution);

2.2. Production and supply of electricity;

2.3. Water management and irrigation;

2.4. Telecommunications and communication services.

3. Transport and logistics:

3.1. Cargo transportation by air, sea, rail, and road;

3.2. Railway, shipping, port and highway services;

3.3. Logistics services;

3.4. Public transport and taxi services.

4. Main types of production:

4.1. Production of defense industry products;

4.2. Manufacture of oil equipment and devices;

4.3. Production of food products and raw materials, supply, storage and wholesale of food products;

4.4. Manufacturing of daily care and hygiene products;

4.5. Production of chemical goods;

4.6. Collection, production, and processing of agricultural products, including the activities of farms;

4.7. Agriculture, rotational irrigation, plant protection services and harvesting;

4.8. Production, refining, storage and sale of oil and gas;

4.9. Transmission of oil and gas through pipelines;

4.10. Activities in the metallurgical industry;

4.11. Production and repair of construction and household equipment;

4.12. Engineering and design services;

4.13. Construction and repair of civil and industrial buildings and facilities, roads;

4.14. Production of packaging products;

4.15. Manufacturing of stone, metal and wood products;

4.16. Furniture production and repair;

4.17. Slaughter of livestock.

5. Retail and wholesale:

5.1. Grocery stores;

5.2. Pharmacies;

5.3. Filling stations;

5.4. zoos, including animal feed outlets;

5.5. Sale of construction materials and household items;

5.6. Online sales.

6. Household services:

6.1. Collection and utilization of household waste;

6.2. Dry cleaning;

6.3. Cleaning of residential buildings, except for apartments;

6.4. Car repair;

6.5. Car wash stations;

6.6. Animal shelters.

7. Mass media

8. Financial institutions:

8.1. Banks and non-bank credit organizations, pawnshops;

8.2. Investment companies, stock exchanges;

8.3. Insurance organizations;

8.4. Organizations, providing payment services and clearing services.

9. Special services:

9.1. Delivery;

9.2. Translation;

9.3. Postal services;

9.4. Disinfection services.

10. Advocacy activity.

Considering the increasing number of COVID-cases in the country, the government announced it would impose a strict quarantine regime in Baku, Sumgayit, Absheron, Ganja, Yevlakh, Jalilabad, Lankaran and Masalli cities and Absheron region from 00:00 on June 21 to 06:00 on July 5. People will be able to leave their places of residence only upon permission by sending a text message.


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