Farid Mansurov: Premier League could become a hotbed of the virus


“I notified in advance that I could not attend the meeting of the Executive Committee. However, I knew what the discussion would be about.”

Report informs, the head of the sports department at the Ministry of Youth and Sports Farid Mansurov commented on the decisions made at the last meeting of the AFFA Executive Committee.

F. Mansurov noted that he could not attend the meeting in the form of a video conference in connection with his participation in the opening of the Yardimli sports complex: “I discussed this with AFFA Executive Vice President Elkhan Mammadov. If I attended the meeting, I would probably be among those who would vote against continuing the championship. You were witnesses of how the decision was made the next day to suspend outdoor sports. “

According to F. Mansurov, it was dangerous to continue the championship: “If one of the footballers were infected, the virus would rapidly spread to all team members. The Premier League could become a breeding ground for the infection.”


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