Armenian citizen rescued in war zone: I was threatened that if I fell into the hands of Azerbaijanis, they would kill me

A press conference took place in Baku with the participation of Aznif Baghdasaryan, an Armenian citizen who was rescued and evacuated from the war zone, Report informs.

Deputy Chairman of the State Committee for Family, Women, and Children Aynur Sofiyeva made a speech before the conference. 

Sofiyeva said that Aznif Baghdasaryan’s grandmother lived in Baku: “She came to her grandmother every summer. When we met, she wanted to see the same places where her grandmother lived, and we took her there. We told her again that Azerbaijan does not target the Armenian people. Our country agrees to open a humanitarian corridor in the occupied territories.”

Aznif Baghdasaryan, born in Dushanbe, said: We do not want a war like you. We do not want mothers to mourn the death of their children and children to become orphans. I was threatened that if you fell into the hands of Azerbaijanis, they would kill you. But the opposite happened. Azerbaijani people treated me well. They also showed me Baku, where I have old and fond memories.”  


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