MP urges citizens not to believe rumors about coronavirus vaccination

Everyone was waiting for the COVID-19 vaccine to be found, MP Ulvi Guliyev told Report.

“Several vaccines have already been developed and launched. Vaccination is currently carried out in most developed countries worldwide carry out vaccination process. Therefore, it is necessary not to avoid vaccination against coronavirus,” Guliyev said.

He recalled that the coronavirus pandemic had swept through the world for more than a year, infecting more than 106 million people and killing more than 2.3 million. The states imposed numerous restrictions to prevent the pandemic, and daily life has been paralyzed.

“From the first day, all experts said that the only way out was to find a vaccine. During this time, the world’s leading scientific centers conducted research, scientists worked day and night. The hard-earned vaccine has brought hope in the fight against coronavirus. However, various rumors are spread about it. It would be helpful if you trust experts’ opinions but do not believe such rumors,” he said.


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