Massive island resort to be built on Saudi coast

In Saudi Arabia, a luxury island resort is being built on the Red Sea. It is expected to receive the first tourists in late 2022.

Report informs with reference to the Russian Association of Tour Operators.

Eleven hotels, marinas, golf courses, and beaches will be scattered around the island of Shurayrah. At the same time, the future resort will focus on maximizing the conservation of local biodiversity.

According to a source involved in the project, the hotels’ location will ‘give the impression that they were washed ashore, and they are nestled among the dunes, almost like snags.’

New trends in recreation due to the pandemic were also taken into account. Thus, hotels will not have internal corridors and large public spaces. The emphasis is on privacy and tranquility.

The construction will use eco-materials and technologies that reduce the anthropogenic impact on the environment. All facilities will operate on renewable energy sources, including the world’s most extensive central cooling system.

By 2030, Saudi Arabia wants to build 50 luxury hotel complexes with 8,000 rooms on 22 islands of the Red Sea.

The international airport and the first four hotels will officially open in late 2022. Another 12 will be launched in 2023.


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