Volume of operations on Azerbaijan’s securities market doubles

From January through March 2021, the volume of operations carried out in Azerbaijan’s securities market exceeded 4.27 billion manats ($2.51 billion), Report informs, citing the Central Bank of Azerbaijan.

This figure is 97.9% or almost two times higher compared to the same period last year.

Of this volume, 2.78 billion manats ($1.63 billion) were formed in the primary market, which indicated a 4.5-fold growth. Meanwhile, the secondary market accounted for almost 1.49 billion manats ($876.4 million), 2.9% less compared to the period last year.

During the reporting period, 2,834 transactions were concluded on the securities market. It is 2.3 times more in the annual comparison. Of these, 491 transactions fell on the primary market (3.1 times more), and 2,343 transactions fell on the secondary market (2.2 times more).


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