Russian FM: Revanchist rhetoric can take the region back on the brink of war

“A heavy price was paid. People lost their lives. This tragic and hopeful moment must be used for peaceful and creative purposes, not to aggravate the situation more. There is no need for new separating lines and irritations,” Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said at a briefing.

“Yes, it is very difficult, especially after an armed conflict. It is also difficult psychologically. Yes, many disagree. Many want to continue or get revenge. Is that the goal? Will it help to achieve peace? The answer, I think, is clear. No, it will not happen, “Zakharova said.

The Russian Foreign Ministry also called on avoidance of revanchist rhetoric, which can take the region back on the brink of war.

Earlier, the State Border Service of Azerbaijan released a statement about the provocations committed by Armenians on the border.


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