Merezhko: Azerbaijan fulfilled norms of international law by liberating its lands – EXCLUSIVE

“By liberating its land, Azerbaijan has fulfilled the norms and principles of the international law,” PACE Vice-President Alexander Merezhko told Report’s Eastern Europe bureau.

“Because the UN Security Council adopted four resolutions, and Azerbaijan fulfilled the requirements of these resolutions. There is no problem here. In accordance with the requirements of international law, the occupation was ended and the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan was ensured,” he said.

The Vice-President also said that it is possible to appeal to the international court on the basis of information on both sides about the destruction committed by Armenia in the occupied territories for 30 years: “It is necessary to calculate the damage caused by this act of aggression. However, the mechanism of its implementation in the international format is still unclear. By occupying the territories of Azerbaijan, Armenia has violated the principles of international law, territorial integrity, the right to sovereignty and the non-use of force.”


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