Napoli-Baku Association appeals to global media over Kalbajar tragedy

On the joint initiative of Chairman of the Italy-based Napoli-Baku Association Giuseppe Canillo and Vice-President Elnur Jamalkhanov, the official state bodies received an appeal regarding the tragic death of Azerbaijani journalists, the State Committee for Diaspora Affairs told Report.

The appeal addressed to Italian President Sergio Mattarella, the country’s parliament, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and international organizations reads that on June 4, 2021, a passenger car carrying Azerbaijani journalists was blown up by a mine in the village of Susuzlug, Kalbajar district. The blast killed on-duty journalists and a local official accompanying them.

The appeal notes that the Armenian leadership, which for almost 30 years during the occupation period massively mined the territories of Azerbaijan, contrary to the tripartite statement dated November 10, 2020, hasn’t yet provided maps of mined territories, continuing to grossly violate international conventions.

The authors of the statement, calling on the heads of international media to resolutely condemn the provocations committed by Armenia, noted that this is not only an attempt on the lives of civilians but also a terror attack directed against the activities of journalists.

“We hope that the world media won’t remain silent. We also call on the world community to condemn the actions of Armenia, which grossly violates the norms of international law,” reads the appeal.


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