Ukrainian city ready to ink twinning agreement with one of Azerbaijani cities liberated from occupation

The Ukrainian city of Poltava is ready to sign a twinning agreement with one of the Azerbaijani cities liberated from occupation, Poltava Mayor Oleksandr Mamai said in an interview with the Eastern Europe bureau of Report.

“Of course, when it comes to making friends with an Azerbaijani city, everyone wants to make friends with Baku. We understand this perfectly well. We would be delighted to become twin cities with a city in Azerbaijan. Of course, if there is a liberated city, let it be with a population of 30,000-50,000, we will do it with pleasure just as we are friends with the Georgian city of Borjomi today and have been friends for decades. Our delegations make mutual visits. If there is such an honor, it would be a great pleasure to visit some liberated city,” said Mamai.

He noted that the Poltava mayor’s office would prepare an appropriate proposal.


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