Azerbaijani servicemen to participate in NATO exercises in Georgia

Georgia will hold joint multinational military exercises “Agile Spirit 2021” with the United States.

According to Report‘s local bureau, the training will start on July 26 and last until August 6.

The US military notes that about 2,500 military personnel from 15 allied and partner countries – Georgia, Estonia, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine, Great Britain, the US, Canada, Italy, and Azerbaijan – will take part in the military exercises.

The purpose of the activities is to increase the readiness and interaction of the military forces of the US, Georgia, allies, and regional partners.

Agile Spirit 2021 exercises will be held in command and staff, in the field, and shooting tasks will be performed at the battalion level.

US equipment to participate in the training has already been delivered to Georgia.

Agile Spirit military practices have been held in Georgia every year since 2011 in cooperation with the United States and NATO.


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