Expert: New OSCE MG co-chair tasked to ensure security in South Caucasus

The new co-chair of the OSCE Minsk Group from Russia – Igor Khovaev, will have an opportunity to take a new look at the format of relations with the South Caucasus countries with respect to new realities in the region, Russian political scientist Anton Bredikhin said, commenting on the appointment of Igor Khovaev as a new chair in the OSCE Minsk Group from Russia.

According to Report, he expressed confidence that the organization’s role will grow in the region: “The transformation of all international platforms and organizations, whose activity is connected with the South Caucasus, is underway now. Moscow is a leading side in building a peaceful dialogue between Azerbaijan and Armenia.”

According to the expert, the replacement of the Russian representative in the Minsk Group is not unscheduled. It is linked to Russia’s intention to conduct an active foreign policy: “I think that he will be tasked with certain functions on improving the situation, ensuring the security in the region and searching new points of contact between all participants of this process. I think the role of the platform [OSCE Minsk Group] will increase, and the results of the group’s activity will already be visible in Baku and Yerevan very soon,” Bredikhin said.

Notably, on July 29, Russia replaced its co-chair in the OSCE Minsk Group. At this position, Igor Khovaev, who was the Russian ambassador to the Philippines, replaced Igor Popov.

Igor Popov has been the Minsk Group co-chair since 2010.


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