Turkish expert praises decision of Azerbaijani government to send aid to Turkey

“The reaction shown by our Azerbaijani brothers in the face of this threat is precious for us. After all, we vowed to be ‘one nation, two states!’ in both hardship and abundance,” Turkish military-political expert Abdullah Agar told Report‘s Turkish bureau.

According to him, the fact that Azerbaijani leadership immediately sent aid to Turkey amid the raging forest fire in this country is essential in terms of strengthening mutual trust between the two brotherly countries, sharing common joys and values: “I personally receive calls from many Azerbaijani brothers regarding help. In this sense, we feel Azerbaijan’s support for Turkey deeply at the level of both individuals and states.”

Agar said that the Azerbaijani state, in the face of President Ilham Aliyev, was the first to react to this issue: “I appreciate Azerbaijan’s statement that it owes all possible assistance to Turkey in connection with this tragedy and take appropriate measures in terms of our unity and equality.”

“It is not surprising that this happened at a time when the Turkish Armed Forces are striking at PKK targets in northern Iraq. The Turkish Presidential Administration’s Communications Department will punish the perpetrators,” he said, “Because the PKK is an extremely insidious terrorist organization. In this regard, they aim to spread fear in society, sabotage the country with such fires, and cause material and moral damage to the population and the state. It is the classic method of the PKK. At this stage, the Turkish public and state must remain calm and logically not fall into the trap of the PKK or other terrorist organizations.”


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