OIC delegation conducts fact-finding mission in Aghdam

The delegation, led by the President of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation Ombudsmen Association (OIC OA), with the participation of the Adviser to the Secretary-General of the Association, is on a visit to Azerbaijan upon the invitation of the Ombudsman of Azerbaijan, Ms. Sabina Aliyeva, continues its fact-finding mission in our liberated areas.

The Ombudsman’s Office told Report that Azerbaijani Commissioner for Human Rights Sabina Aliyeva told a visiting delegation that Agdam is a city that has been destroyed: “When foreign observers visit this place, they call it ‘Hiroshima of the Caucasus’. I think this is a very objective description.”

According to her, the Armenians pursued a policy of vandalism against the state and people of Azerbaijan: “Our cultural monuments have been ruined. The facts we have gathered here will be presented as evidence in relevant lawsuits in international law in the future. According to world practice, compensation is demanded. Such reports are significant in meeting this requirement.”

The task is carried out jointly with the Azerbaijani Ombudsman and the staff of the Office.

The primary purpose of the fact-finding visit is to conduct on-site research, gather evidence in the territories liberated from occupation, and develop a report based on the monitoring outcomes for further submission to international organizations.

During the visit, residential buildings, civilian objects, religious, cultural, and historical monuments destroyed and looted by Armenia during the occupation are being inspected in Aghdam city. On-side monitoring was held on the mausoleum of Panahali Khan, Aghdam Juma Mosque, Giyasli Mosque, other cultural and social facilities in the city that were destroyed.

The commissioner and the delegation of the OIC Ombudsmen Association also inspected the mined area in Aghdam city and informed the guests about the serious threat posed by mines and other explosive remnants to human life and health, as well as about mine victims.

The fact-finding mission of the Ombudsman and the delegation of the OIC Ombudsman Association (OIC OA) continues.


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