Psaki explains record drop in Biden’s rating

White House spokesperson Jen Psaki has explained the record decline in the rating of US President Joe Biden by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, noting that this won’t affect the US administration’s plans to promote his agenda, Report informs.

“Well, I think the country is going through a lot right now. And people are still under the threat of COVID; that is concerning to a lot of people. We see that in polls as well. Even as they approve of the President’s handling of COVID, that’s still something impacting people’s lives. There’s a great deal of anxiety about that. We understand that,” she said.

Gallup previously published the results of a poll, which show that 53 percent of Americans disapprove of Biden’s work – this is the maximum since the beginning of his presidency.

“But our objective is to keep pushing his [Biden’s] agenda forward and keep making their lives better, and, you know, look at that over the long term,” Psaki added.


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