Azerbaijan, Pakistan strengthening cooperation in logistics sector


The Pakistani company National Logistics Cell for the first time has implemented a direct logistics transport operation between Pakistan and Azerbaijan. Report informs that the first batch of trucks with export products from Pakistan reached Azerbaijan yesterday and will soon return back with export goods from Azerbaijan.

Pakistani ambassador to Azerbaijan Bilal Hayee said that strengthening of cooperation in the logistics sector is another example of fraternal relations between Azerbaijan and Pakistan.

“Now, although Azerbaijan and Pakistan are not so close geographically, the supplies will be realized directly. Pakistan is a large market with great potential for Azerbaijan,” the diplomat added.

Anar Rzayev, deputy head of the State Road Transport Service under the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies of Azerbaijan, in turn, noted that this logistics operation could initiate a new transport corridor through which Pakistan can export goods to Azerbaijan and further to Europe.

National Logistics Cell (NLC) is Pakistan’s largest multimodal logistics company providing road, rail, sea and air transportation.

Earlier, it was reported that the Pakistani logistics company National Logistics Cell has started cargo transportation to Azerbaijan and Turkey by road.


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