First wine from Karabakh grape to be on sale in February


The first consignments of Azerbaijani wine, made of grapes harvested in Tug village of Khojavand District, will be on sale in February.

The chief technologist of AzGranata, Viktor Bankov, from Moldova told Report.

According to him, almost all Moldovan wineries are ready to share their experience with Azerbaijani companies.

“Azerbaijani business people are inviting winemakers from different countries in order to learn their experience and make an Azerbaijani product with unique features and this is very correct,” he believes.

Now AzGranata also uses wine and wine materials from the liberated territories of Azerbaijan for wine making.

“This year we have made the first consignments of Hindogni wine from the village of Tug, Khojavand District. In February, we will taste Rose Hindogni and, probably, in the summer, Red Hindogni, made of this grape,” V. Bankov said.


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