Nearly 7,000 drug-related criminal cases revealed so far in 2021


As a result of comprehensive operational-search, operational-investigative measures to combat illicit drug trafficking, carried out by employees of the Azerbaijani Interior Ministry from January 1, 2021 to date, 6,647 drug-related crimes were revealed, Report learnt from the spokesman for the Interior Ministry, Police Major Elshad Hajiyev.

In connection with the revealed crimes, 4,296 people were brought to criminal responsibility, and various preventive measures were taken against them.

This year, 2,789 kg of narcotic drugs, over 231 kg of psychotropic substances, 52, 245 kg of hemp bushes were withdrawn from the illegal turnover.

“As part of the procedural punitive measures against persons involved in drugs, measures of restraint are selected in the form of arrest, placing under police supervision, recognizance not to leave, transfer under supervision and other measures, their actions are monitored by means of an electronic bracelet within 24 hours,” he stressed.


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